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If you have any problems copying this message, please copy it to: carbonate Cobalt carbonate is a mineral consisting of cobalt hydroxide and carbonate. It is a significant source of cobalt in the Earth's crust and mantle, and is the major component of some hydrometallurgical sources of cobalt, such as the China Smith mine. It is also an important natural organic carbonate mineral, used as a precursor in the preparation of organic carbonate polymers and in the synthesis of cobalt-containing substances such as cobalt–thiophosphate catalysts for polymerization and sulfide sulfurization of organic molecules. Discovery Cobalt carbonate was discovered in 1859 by the American mineralogist George Frederick Kunz. He found it in a sample from a shaft in the Kit Carson mine, in the Idaho Territory. The name "cobaltite" was initially used for it, and it was later found that the mineral belonged to a new species. A specimen is held by the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Physical properties Cobalt carbonate is a yellowish-white to greenish-white mineral, or occasionally violet, containing some black spots. It has a Mohs hardness of 3 to 4, and an electrical conductivity of 23 μS/cm. Natural occurrence Cobalt carbonate is one of the major components of the minerals carmine, almandine, and troilite. It is the primary form of cobalt in ores of the species of cobaltite, lepidocrocite, hollandite, and sphalerite. It occurs in sulfide ore deposits such as cobaltites, and in carbonate deposits, including the Troilite and Mineral Hill, San Juan, Arizona deposits. Applications Cobalt carbonate is prepared synthetically by reaction of an aqueous solution of cobalt nitrate with an aqueous solution of ammonium carbonate. The resulting solution is held at and agitated for 24 hours. The insoluble, dark green, metal-containing precipitate that forms is then filtered and washed with water to remove salts and other substances. The resulting product is then dried




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1 Code De La Route Tunisie Par Ahmed 3 Tunisia Sat.rar

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